I live close to the historic city of Durham in the North East of England. The family and I love going there some weekends just to walk around and savour the variety of dialects and accents and people watch the students who arrive from all over the world to study in it’s various colleges and university.

On the way in to Durham there are some hills on the horizon.

Last weekend I had a thought – just a whim.

I want to cycle to those hills – to the horizon.


It’s not a huge distance but it’s further than I am comfortable with and that’s just the point. I want to push myself to what I am NOT comfortable with.

My head swims around with this and that making focussing on one thing very difficult. But this, THIS I am focussed on and I will do it.


In 3 weeks time I am off for 2 weeks for Christmas – that’s CHRISTMAS – not “The Holidays” as Americans seem to like to call them in fear of upsetting people who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Hopefully I will get a mild day where I can do my whim and push myself beyond my limit just because I wanted to.

I just wish I could focus my brain in other areas that needed the same kind of self determination ……….


Lean, mean racing machine

I used to be a lean mean racing machine in my younger days.

What happened ?

I spent about £1100 building my lovely Raleigh Dyna Tech titanium framed mountain bike up from scratch. Doesn’t sound a lot for a racing mountain bike today but this was 23 years ago