I finished work tonight and was dead beat ! Legs were tight from last nights 5 mile road run. Work itself is very tiring.

The thing is I had promised myself a run tonight too.

Unfortunately I have to work overtime and go in on Saturday tomorrow (I really hate weekend working as I have so much more to do during the precious weekend).

So with legs aching from last night – body weary from today at work – the prospect of 6 hours at work tomorrow rushing around and heavy lifting – the prospect of going out for a run tonight was slim.

Morale was low

Motivation was virtually non existent.

I almost resigned myself to a night in the house.



From winter training do summer bodies grow !

I knew I had to get out.

It was a damp misty mild night – tights and vest top to keep the aching leg muscles warm but cool me down on top.

It was only 4 mile but it was on top of the 5 mile I did yesterday and I felt so much better for it. I knew a run tomorrow would be impossible with work and this was needed to allay any depression that would definitely follow a wasted day.

Sunday is bike day !

Allez Allez


Lean, mean racing machine

I used to be a lean mean racing machine in my younger days.

What happened ?

I spent about £1100 building my lovely Raleigh Dyna Tech titanium framed mountain bike up from scratch. Doesn’t sound a lot for a racing mountain bike today but this was 23 years ago