Brand On Me
Durham, England

Bio: I am getting older and don't like it one bit. I was diagnosed with depression a few month ago but this wasn't something I have no control over. I know what the problem is. Unfortunately I can't do anything about the problem. The problem is: I NEED to run. I need to feel the air on my face, the wind, the rain. the snow. especially the SUN. I need to feel the meditative state that a long run brings to me. The endorphins it releases, the ZONE I get into on a great run. I NEED to feel the challenge and euphoria of a long cycle ride. Me against the world. Being soaked in a warm summer downpour barely being able to see in front of me for the lashing rain - it's a beautiful feeling. I need to walk for miles - just thinking about life in general and the "good old days" These things I can't achieve in my present employment due to the harsh demands on my ever ageing body and the limited time I have after work. This is partially what makes me depressed. BUT I HAVE A PLAN

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