Mid Life Crisis

The male “mid life crisis” is often made light of and mostly ridiculed as a myth.
However I would like to say that it is very real and no laughing matter for some.
We all imagine the mid life crisis male to go out and buy a sports car or a fast bike to prove he still “has it”. Although this may be true for a small number of people it isn’t for the majority of middle aged men.
For myself the mid life crisis has transmogrified into a minor state of depression due to a number of reasons which include ;

Not as agile as I was

Not as popular as I used to be. – I used to be a freelance photographer for a regional newspaper and got around a lot and after a while lots of people recognised me and I was a canny lad to know.

I used to race mountain bikes and loved the buzz before the race and the euphoria afterwards. Don’t do it anymore (no time and too scared now to go so fast down gnarly hillsides) so miss this life I once had.

Used to like my job – now, in a different place, hate my job.

Used to go clubbing with a large number of friends and had some great times – now – what’s a nightclub again ?

I can’t really say I miss the body I had at 21 because I was overweight. Sitting down on my job all day and driving everywhere. This was the time when I thought I would start cycling again which got me into mountain bikes then racing then the body I wanted – I was a lean mean racing machine !!! THAT body I miss !!

I miss not coming home from work and aching and in pain from hard graft. I miss being well thought of in the workplace.

I feel like a bumbling old fool sometimes when I forget what it was I was doing because my body is going so fast my brain can’t keep up.

I miss not having a 1000 things in my head at once to think about – thus resulting in forgetting most of them.

Most of all – and the most important – I just miss being young !!


What’s the story morning glory


It gets harder as I get older to get out of bed on a morning !!

I used to jump out of bed when I was younger ready to face the day ahead and all it entailed.

Now it’s a drag to lift my weary carcass out of that nice warm bed, even in summer, because I know what lies ahead. Another day of dreary crap at work under the auspices of a pathetic boss(‘s) who seem to have it in for me.

Alas my bank account won’t let me leave this dump – so I’m stuck there for now.

Happy days, Happy smiles (

Today was beautiful (almost)

Today was almost a beautiful day

The weather was beautiful – sunny and warm

I managed to steal myself away to photograph a cycle circuit race full of beautiful people – and very fit

The roads were clear – the driving was good

The pics were (mostly) great

I sold some ebay stuff and put my personalised tags on I designed (just to make the clothing look more professional)

SO why almost ?

Because on this beautiful day I couldn’t cycle – or run – or walk down the beach.

My hip is still so painful ffrom my accident 2 weeks ago which is VERY frustrating and annoying and depressing. I feel like I’m getting fatter by the hour !!

Good news is it seems a lot better than it was but still so painful.

Lets hope tomorrow the Doc says I can exercise it gently.