Hang on a minute lads – I’ve got a great idea – erm, erm

Hang on a minute lads – I’ve got a great idea – erm, erm

running off into the wide blue yonder

I had this great idea how to get sponsorship and funding for the next 12 – 18 months of my life to run, cycle and learn, for organisations to have a chance to be a part in my journey.




Bloody dogs !


Last week I was out in the glorious (and rare in the UK) sunshine when someone opened the back door of his car and five large dogs bounded out and right in front of my front wheel.

I had no chance.

Straight over the bars and on to the tarmac !!


After collecting myself off the floor and exchanging pleasantries with the dog owner I went very slowly on my way to ride the 12 miles home.

Since then it’s been agony. Can’t run, can’t ride and can barely walk. Docs say it’s only muscular but I suspect it could also be ligament damage too. 😦

For those who regularly exercise you know how difficult the coming weeks will be – so frustrated.



Lift me up to a higher place. A place where I can run as far as I can when I want. A place where I can cycle for miles and miles and miles. A place where I am lean and fit (and injury free). A place where work is fun, stress free and not too demanding on my body.