Not everyone is a loaded spring !

The other day on my Twitter feed someone posted a rather innocuous post.

It wasn’t nasty or rude or controversial but I just thought “You bastard!”

It simply read “Anybody else feel they run a lot better and faster after a days work ?”

It got me thinking about my own personal problems with exercise and work and obviously the fact there are thousands like me who feel the same.

I work very hard 5 days a week all day. I physically lift between 5 and 8 tons of steel a day and walk about 8 mile in a warehouse. This means that by the end of the day my legs ache, my back aches and I just tend to fall asleep as soon as I sit down when I get home.

It’s a miracle I get out at all during the week but I endeavour to do so maybe once or twice, be it a little run or short ride.DCIM106GOPRO

The weekend is my time to do longer runs and rides but even they are shorter than they should be as I am still tired.

There are hundreds of thousands of other people like my who have manual jobs that find it really difficult to muster the strength to actually get out there and do something. But we do !!

However I do think that people who work in offices or management don’t seem to realise just how worn out us manual workers become.

I actually get jealous of social media posts from people who either don’t work or sit in an office all day busting to get out like a coiled spring.DCIM106GOPRO

My friend, who is an accountant, put it to me on a night out one time. He said ” I work in an office all day and I am like a loaded spring – once I’m out I want to let it all go – whereas YOU are the exact opposite and exert your energy all through the day and just want to sit down when you get in.”

It was true and depressing – literally. It is a depressing thing when the very thing that RELIEVES your depression is out of reach because of one of the things that is causing your depression – it’s a catch 22 !!!

So what’s the answer ? Well one solution is unspeakable but crosses my mind frequently the other is plain stupid (GIVE UP MY JOB) or the last is what I want but is unattainable which is change jobs. I am 50 with no skills and require the same wage I am on now which is unlikely.

So I guess until I win the lottery I will just have to suffer.


Great North Run Half Marathon

Brand On Me

I hate the Great North Run !!


Because I LOVE the Great North Run !

Makes no sense right but if you run it then maybe it does. It is such a challenge that it is physically and mentally exhausting  (especially for a trail runner who’s lifetime longest is 10 mile ).

As a past entrant I knew it was tough and as someone who regularly spectates I know the huge ranges of feelings and emotions it brings to watch it. Pride, awesomeness, envy, inspiration.

It’s the inspirational bit that gets me every time I watch it. Every time I see those tens of thousands either cross the Tyne Bridge or make their way up the last mile to the finish along the coast road.

The week run up to it is mental agony as you change your food intake, try not to get injured, reduce alcohol consumption (yikes)…

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will have to update this with a more detailed early life



Let me tell you a little (ok – a LOT) about my background and “where I am now.”

Having left school at 16 I had to take a couple of government schemes to get by in an era of youth unrest and high unemployment rates.

Having spent a year on the dole after a second government employment scheme I landed a dream (by the standards of youth) job down the coalmine. This was the best time of my life. I finally had the money to do what I wanted and grasped my new found prosperity with both hands.

I bought my first decent camera and became a freelance photographer for a local newspaper. I was photographing Sunday League football, presentations, flower shows, leek shows, fetes etc. I was being offered drinks and getting straight in to venues. With this came an almost celebrity status amongst my peers as I was getting noticed…

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I live close to the historic city of Durham in the North East of England. The family and I love going there some weekends just to walk around and savour the variety of dialects and accents and people watch the students who arrive from all over the world to study in it’s various colleges and university.

On the way in to Durham there are some hills on the horizon.

Last weekend I had a thought – just a whim.

I want to cycle to those hills – to the horizon.


It’s not a huge distance but it’s further than I am comfortable with and that’s just the point. I want to push myself to what I am NOT comfortable with.

My head swims around with this and that making focussing on one thing very difficult. But this, THIS I am focussed on and I will do it.


In 3 weeks time I am off for 2 weeks for Christmas – that’s CHRISTMAS – not “The Holidays” as Americans seem to like to call them in fear of upsetting people who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Hopefully I will get a mild day where I can do my whim and push myself beyond my limit just because I wanted to.

I just wish I could focus my brain in other areas that needed the same kind of self determination ……….



I finished work tonight and was dead beat ! Legs were tight from last nights 5 mile road run. Work itself is very tiring.

The thing is I had promised myself a run tonight too.

Unfortunately I have to work overtime and go in on Saturday tomorrow (I really hate weekend working as I have so much more to do during the precious weekend).

So with legs aching from last night – body weary from today at work – the prospect of 6 hours at work tomorrow rushing around and heavy lifting – the prospect of going out for a run tonight was slim.

Morale was low

Motivation was virtually non existent.

I almost resigned myself to a night in the house.



From winter training do summer bodies grow !

I knew I had to get out.

It was a damp misty mild night – tights and vest top to keep the aching leg muscles warm but cool me down on top.

It was only 4 mile but it was on top of the 5 mile I did yesterday and I felt so much better for it. I knew a run tomorrow would be impossible with work and this was needed to allay any depression that would definitely follow a wasted day.

Sunday is bike day !

Allez Allez

can a sandwhich be the “wrong” way round ?

I am currently sitting in McDonalds eating a bacon egg and cheese muffin. Very nice too once I open it and take the disgusting fat off the bacon. But as I was re-assembling my sandwhich I realised it was the wrong way round !

Instead of egg, bacon then cheese on top it was bacon egg then cheese. I don’t feel this is right.

There is a certain law to sandwich making and I feel McD’s should abide by this law.

By the way – I also re-arrange ready made Pizzas (Asda / wal mart)  so that the correct toppings are on top too !!!